Thank God I cut all that copper dye out of my hair.

My name is Xavier. I’m 21 years old and I’m from South Orange, New Jersey. I study comparative literature (Late 20th-century Anglophone and Francophone African and African-American literature, to be hyper specific) and Africana studies. I speak French (kinda well). I currently attend the doctoral program in comparative literature at Yale University. I started this blog as a repository for my thoughts and opinions on the world around me, typically guided by my current studies as a student of comparative literature and critical theory at Swarthmore College. I like to cover a wide array of topics, from being a student, to race and gender, to mental illness, to community. I also like to provide tips and tricks for the process of conducting research and pursuing a career in academia.

This blog is a roadmap of my experiences throughout my (late) undergraduate and graduate school journey. It has a markedly confessional flavor. If you want to contact me, you can email me at xgerardlee@gmail.com. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

This blog at a certain time was called narcissure, a neologism which gave a body to many of the thoughts of personhood and identity which bounce around my head. The word narcissure is a portmanteau of two French words — Narcisse, the French name for Narcissus, a man killed by his own vanity, and noircissure, a black mark on the skin. I decided in January 2017 to change the name of this blog for personal reasons, although the domain narcissure.com will function for the foreseeable future.

I am shy, frequently pensive and introspective. Yet, I’m also goofy, weird, and inquisitive. This blog is a way of publicizing feelings for which I have often found no successful release. I hope to one day make a living from my writing.

Photo by Meredith Bruster. All writings © Xavier Gerard Lee 2015-17. All rights reserved.